The research in our lab covers a broad range of topics unified by a single theme – the problem of protein synthesis. We are using evolution as a discovery tool to understand why the protein synthesis machinery is so astonishingly diverse across the three domains of life, and how it adapts to environmental challenges, including drug exposure. Through laboratory evolution experiments, biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology we study how the protein synthesis machinery evolves, on a timescale ranging from several days – as during antibiotic resistance evolution – to several billion years – as during the early evolution of life on our planet. In doing so, our research helps uncover fundamental principles of molecular evolution leading to various adaptations, including antimicrobial resistance.


The Pac-Man rule

Apparently there is an amazingly simple and elegant trick to help people interact with new people at conferences (and other social events). And I am not talking about chutzpah (although this is a great quality to have, at least within reason). What I am talking about is the Pac-Man rule: https://www.ericholscher.com/blog/2017/aug/2/pacman-rule-conferences/


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We are located on the 3d floor of Catherine Cookson Building (lab M3.032) at the Medical School of Newcastle University.

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Melnikov Lab
Biosciences Institute of Newcastle University
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