Although our lab is not yet crowded with people, it is densely populated with ideas, stuffed with some good technologies, and supplied with a bit of money to support the initial phase of our research. We are seeking scientists who are genuinly interested in science and comfortable being themselves to join our team. Scientists interested in experimental and theoretical evolution of proteins and nucleic acids are encouraged to apply! Prior training in fields spanning biology, physics, chemistry, or computational sciences is preferred but not required. Please send your inquiries to

Sergey Melnikov, PhD

Sergey is a Principal Investigator and Fellow of the Biosciences Institute at Newcastle University. Sergey is broadly interested in the phenomenon of evolution, especially in those evolutionary events that are driven primarily by genetic drifts (rather than by natural selection). Currently, Sergey employs experimental evolution, biochemistry, biophysics, and high-throughput 3D bioinformatics to understand how continuous genetic drifts cause genome degeneration in parasitic forms of life.

Sergey’s life goals include: a weekly lunch appointment with Barak Obama, to be George Church’s “godson” and to create the world’s largest museum of 3D-models of proteins, nucleic acids and other macromolecular entities that comprise a living cell. If interested in the full list, please email